Our client had just been acquired, and its new management wished to outsource the operation and maintenance of its Oracle Financials. Our client hoped to reduce staffing and other costs with this solution.

The Solution

In just seven months, a team of consultants from Prime Software Technologies assumed the day-to-day management of the Oracle Financials applications and improved their efficiency.

Prime Software Technologies first documented and analyzed the operating environment and the applications that our client wished to outsource.

Prime Software Technologies then developed a model for the outsourced environment.

The design phase included the correct sizing of the hardware and communications line, hardware specifications, a thin client environment, security solutions and operational role definitions.

A transition plan addressed all aspects of implementation and testing.

Prime Software Technologies installed, debugged and tested our client’s Oracle Financial applications in a new environment for all its modules, at its U.S. office.

The Benefits

The four Oracle Financials applications function more efficiently. Data processing cycle times have been reduced from hours to just minutes.

Our client’s IT consultants – once an army of 60 ‿now includes just four system specialists.

Our client anticipates significant savings in the overall cost of operating and maintaining its Oracle Financial applications.

With a fixed outsourcing budget for the next three years, our client can project its IT support costs and plan accordingly.

Our client’s in-house IT staff is able to refocus on the company’s core business and provide more strategic support and value.