To gain and retain a competitive advantage, organizations need to adapt their information technology systems to new technologies whilst retaining the strengths of legacy systems. As things stand both technologies are likely to continue to co-exist for several years.

Considering business and technical values, legacy systems are increasingly being either re-engineered, downsized or redeveloped. The need is being felt as distributed systems, along with emerging technologies, demonstrate convincing price- performance results.

The Prime Soft provides the maintenance Services which includes the following services:
  • Bug fixes
  • Enhancements to business functions
  • Porting from one platform to Other
  • Re-structuring / Re-writing of the code

Prime Services

Contact Us

Prime Software Technologies
155U New Boston St.
Suite# 181
Woburn, MA. 01801
Phone: 888 935 0033
Fax: 781 935 3115
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